Apertis design portal


Applications – Overview of application handling by Apertis (partially-implemented, appstore not available)

Application bundle metadata – Associating arbitrary metadata with entire app-bundles (implemented)

Application entry points – Launchable programs and menu entries in app bundles (implemented)

Application layout – Layout of files and directories inside an app bundle

Audio management in Apertis – Overview of audio management in Apertis (proof-of-concept)

Clutter and Multitouch – Issues with Clutter (obsolete)

Connectivity – Connectivity management in Apertis (implemented)

Connectivity documentation – Collection of connectivity resources (general-design)

Contacts – Design for address book contacts in Apertis (partially-implemented, libraries and services need to be glued into an integrated solution)

Debug and logging – Approaches to debugging components of an Apertis system (general-design)

Geolocation and navigation – Existing solutions for geo-related services (implemented)

Global search – Guidelines for implementing a global search system (unimplemented)

Hard keys – Hardware keys (volume controls, home screen button ...) (implemented)

Image building infrastructure – Overview of the image build infrastructure for Apertis

Internationalization – Internationalization and localization in Apertis (partially-implemented, no support for switching applications without restarting them)

Inter-domain communication – Suggested design for an inter-domain communication system (proof-of-concept)

LAVA External Device Monitoring – LAVA test monitoring for external devices

Apertis License exceptions – Document license exceptions for projects in Apertis

Open source License expectations – Document license obligations for projects in Apertis

List design – Architecture and API design for the list widgets in Apertis (unimplemented)

Media management – Management (indexing, browsing) of media content (partially-implemented, libraries and services need to be glued into an integrated solution)

Multimedia – Requirements for multimedia handling (general-design)

Multiuser – Guide and recommendations to help designing the multiuser system (general-design)

Multiuser transactional switching – Technical analysis and recommendations (general-design)

Permissions – Assigning security rules from declarative metadata (unimplemented)

Preferences and persistence – Preferences and persistent data storage for applications and services (implemented)

Release flow and product lines

Robustness – Dealing with loss of functionality (partially-implemented)

Security – Discussing and detailing solutions for the security requirements of the system (general-design)

Sensors and actuators – Possible approaches for exposing vehicle sensor information and allowing interaction with actuators (implemented)

SDK – Software Development Kit purpose and design (partially-implemented, no available app validation tool, usability can be improved)

Software distribution and updates – Concepts, requirements, and examples of reliable software distribution and update systems.

Supported API – API and API stability challenges and solutions (implemented)

System updates and rollback – Robust updates with fallback (proof-of-concept)

Text To Speech – Documents possible approaches to designing an API for Text To Speech services (unimplemented)

UI customisation – Abstracting the differences between variants into a UI library (proof-of-concept)

Web engine – Notes on the web engine provided by Apertis

Web portal caching – Analisys of caching strategies for web application portals (general-design)

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