Apertis Infrastructure


Automated License Compliance – Automated process for OSS compliance in Apertis

Closing the Automated Continuous Integration Loop – Close the automated CI loop using the existing infrastructure.

Infrastructure maintenance automation – Requirements and plans for automating the Apertis infrastructure maintenance

Image building infrastructure – Overview of the image build infrastructure for Apertis

Jenkins and Docker – Standardizing on Docker as the environment for Jenkins jobs

LAVA External Device Monitoring – LAVA test monitoring for external devices

License validation – Design proposal for source licenses validation

Build infrastructure on Intel x86-64 – Hosting the build infrastructure on Intel x86-64-only providers

Test Data Reporting – Describe test data reporting and visualization.

Test Data Storage – Describe the test data storage backend and processing.

Test case dependencies on immutable rootfs – Ship test case dependencies avoiding changes to the rootfs images.

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