License exceptions

License exceptions for Apertis are listed below. Each exception must provide the following informations:

name description
project The project name
location The project location (gitlab or OBS)
component The repository components apertis:*:target
date The date at which the exception was added to this document
validator The name of the person who validated the exception
rule The rules that are ignored by this exception
reason A description of why the exception is granted and makes sense


name description
project gcc-5
location OBS
component apertis:*:target
date April 17, 2019
validator fredo
rule No GPL v3
reason Gcc-5 is granted exception to be present in target repository component
even though it is licensed under the GPL v3 because it is
a build time dependency of other projects in target.
Gcc itself is not delivered on the generated target images.
It is not intended that the user of Apertis devices uses gcc on the target.
This usage is explicitely allowed by gcc authors thanks to the
GCC Runtime Library Exceptions

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